Fan-Powered Creativity

Empower your fans to pay for personalized requests, while you retain the freedom to respond creatively.

Community Based Creativity

Fans Ask, You Deliver

Bring your fans together, creating a thriving online community centered around what your fans want.

Power in Numbers

Pool Money for Requests

Fans contribute financially to their requests, pooling money to encourage you to accept their proposal.

Set the Pace

You're in Control

Accept requests that resonate with you and align with your creative vision. It's your talent, your rules.

Content driven by fans, not algorithms

Shaping your content with the direct input of your most dedicated fans. Let's redefine what it means to be an influencer together.

Join The Waitlist

Share exclusive content

Use milestone and crowdfunding goals to share exclusive with fans who supported you!

Build your community

Build a culture of interaction amongst your fanbase using our community engagement tools.

What creators say about us

"I highly recommend Magic 8 for any creator looking to nurture their fanbase. It has transformed the way I connect with my fans. It's a game-changer!"

Maya Robins

"Finally, a platform that truly values the input of fans. The personalized interactions have taken my content to the next level."

Jaheim Philip

“It's like having a virtual stage where I can share unreleased tracks and connect with my audience on a deeper level!”

Cody Fisher